The 8 Popular Street Foods in Jaipur

The 8 Popular Street Foods in Jaipur

Jaipur, the pink city of India, is very famous for its rich history, heritage, culture, traditions and Rajasthani Cuisine. Rajasthani cuisine is filled with authentic and exotic dishes. You will find each dish amazingly perfect in Rajasthani cuisine. Like its cuisine, the street foods in Jaipur is also very exotic and full of flavours.

When you visit Jaipur, you will get to know how delicious the Jaipur food is, and you know what Jaipur is filled with amazingly delicious food. The street of Jaipur is filled with the aroma of foods.

Below is the list of best street foods in Jaipur and food places from where the Jaipur folks prefer to eat foods. So, before you visit Jaipur, plan your food trip according to this blog.

1. Pyaaz ki Kachori

Pyaaz ki Kachori-The 8 Popular Street Foods in Jaipur
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Kachori is an all-time favourite breakfast dish. It is also eaten as a snack. You may hear of many types of kachoris, but have you ever heard of pyaaz ki kachori or onion kachori. The pyaaz ki kachori is usually prepared in various cities of Rajasthan, but Jaipur serves the best pyaaz kachori. Kachori is a deep-fried snack prepared with refined flour and stuffed with a filling, and pyaaz ki kachori has onion filling along with spices.

If you are a kachori lover, then you would love to visit Samrat restaurant at Modikhana. They serve the best pyaaz kachori since 1965. They serve pyaaz kachori with Dahi amchoor chutney and tamarind chutney.

2. Shrikhand

The 8 Popular Street Foods in Jaipur
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As the weather of Jaipur is usually hot, that’s why the people of Jaipur prefers to eat shrikhand after their meals. Shrikhand is a sweetened curd prepared with hung curd, sugar and cardamom powder. It is very tasty and healthy; thus, Jaipur folks also consume it during their fasts. If you are sightseeing in Jaipur and want to hog something cold, then don’t forget to eat Shrikhand. It is available in ice-cream parlours and sweet shops.

You should visit the falhar shop to eat the best shrikhand of Jaipur. It is located at M.I Road. Other than Shrikhand Falhar shop is also popular for serving the best falhari (foods consumed during fast) foods. Sabudana khichdi and sabudana vada are also some of its specialities.

3. Rabri

Rabri-The 8 Popular Street Foods in Jaipur
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You are in Jaipur and not tasted rabri, impossible. Rabri is a famous dessert of Rajasthan, and it is prepared with thickened milk, jaggery, spices and nuts. Once you taste rabri in Jaipur, you will never forget its taste. It is very rich, creamy and aromatic. It is usually served in an earthen pot and is usually paired with jalebis.

You can buy rabri from Mahavir Rabri Bhandar, Chandpole bazaar. They are serving rabri for 100 years and people walk kilometres to buy rabri from them. So, don’t forget to visit this place.

4. Ghevar

Ghevar-The 8 Popular Street Foods in Jaipur
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It is a traditional Rajasthani sweet and is also a part of Rajasthani cuisine. It is prepared on the occasion of Teej and Rakshabandhan. The ghevar is a sweet cake disc made from all-purpose flour and dipped in sugar syrup. There are many varieties of ghevar .i.e, mawa ghevar, malai ghevar and rabri ghevar.

You will find the best ghevar at Sambhar Fini Wala located in Johri Bazaar. It is a 50 years old shop and serves a variety of ghevar like chocolate ghevar, rabri ghevar and strawberry ghevar. So, visit this shop and taste different types of ghevars.

5.  Dal Bati Churma

Dal bati Churma-The 8 Popular Street Foods in Jaipur
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It is an authentic main course meal of Rajasthani cuisine. Dal bati churma is prepared in all households of Rajasthan, and it is very rich, tasty and full of flavours. The dal is made from lentils, ghee and spices, and bait is fried or baked dough balls prepared from wheat flour and greases with ghee. On the other hand, churma is a sweet prepared from coarsely crushed bati, mixed with ghee, jaggery and dry fruits. It is a must to try the dish, and you will thank later for it.

The Santosh bhojnalya near Sindhi camp serves the authentic dal bati churma thali. It is very pocket friendly and serves the tasty dal bati churma.

6.  Lassi

Lassi-The 8 Popular Street Foods in Jaipur
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Everyone knows that Punjab’s lassi is very famous, but other than Punjab, Rajasthani lassi is also popular among people. Lassi is a cold drink prepared from curd and sugar. It is sweet in taste and saves the Jaipur folks from the hot breeze.

If you also want to drink lassi in Jaipur, then you should visit the Shreenath Lassiwala, near Raj Mandir.

7. Aam Ki Longi

Aam Ki Longi-The 8 Popular Street Foods in Jaipur
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Aam ki longi is a sweet pickle prepared from raw mangoes, sugar, and spices. Traditionally it is stored in a glass jar and prepared in every household in Rajasthan. Aam longi is prepared during summers because it is the season of mango fruits. Many tourists buy long jars for their home.

You can buy the aam ki longi from any pickle shop.

8. Chokhani Kheer

Kheer-The 8 Popular Street Foods in Jaipur
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When talking about Jaipur or Rajasthani cuisine, there is a never-ending list of dessert. Another famous dessert is Chokhani kheer. This kheer is prepared for special occasions and festivals. Many households in Rajasthan prepare this kheer during festivals. It is prepared with milk, rice, dry fruits and sugar. It is creamy and thick.

So, you can buy this dessert from local sweet shops.

In the end, don’t forget to relish these delightful foods in Jaipur and apart from that Jaipur is also famous for historical sites and shopping. So, enjoy sightseeing and shopping in Jaipur. Till then, Khama Ghani!