A Quick Glimpse Of The Best Food Dishes In Kanpur

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Every city of India is famous for its different culture, people, history, heritage, food, places, and traditions. Talking about food, each Indian city is loaded with tempting street foods and dishes. Kanpur is one of those cities. This city is famous for its famous food outlets and Uttar Pradesh cuisine. Kanpur food is inspired by its local cuisine, and from breakfast to dessert, you will find the best option for each category.

Uttar Pradesh cuisine is an amalgamation of both Awadhi and Mughlai cuisine. Thus, it consists of varieties of both veg and non-veg food. Dal, chaat, biryani, kachori, kofta and kebabs are the parts of UP cuisine, and you can find a glimpse of this food in the Kanpur food trail.

Before beginning the food trail, let’s know more about this city. It is the largest city of Uttar Pradesh. It is famous for its leather and textile industries. The first woollen mill of India was established in Kanpur, known as Lal Mill.

This was a quick insight into Kanpur city. Let’s start the food trail.

1. Baba Ki Lassi

Baba Ki Lassi- Kanpur-Karth Food Factory
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You are in Uttar Pradesh, and lassi is one of the traditional and popular drink in UP. Likewise, in Kanpur, lassi is a favourite drink for the people of Kanpur. Here a shop named “Baba Sweets” serves the best lassi in Kanpur. It is packed with visitors, and you will see a long queue of people to buy lassi. Lassi is a sweet and cold beverage prepared with curd, sugar, and water. It is consumed during summers.

It is located at the Maulana Hasrat Mohani Street of Kanpur.

2. Sultani Dal

Sultani Dal- Kanpur- Karth Food Factory
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Sultani dal is a part of Uttar Pardesh cuisine and it is very popular in every city of Uttar Pradesh. It is widely consumed in Kanpur and Lucknow. Sultani dal is very different from other dal, and it is prepared with split pigeon pea (urad dal), spices, saffron, ghee milk, cream, and yoghurt. It is served with rice and chapati.

3. Thaggu Ke Laddu

Thakku ke Laddu - Karth Food Factory
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Thaggu ke laddu is a famous sweet hop chain in Kanpur. This sweet shop was established by Ram Avtar Pandey; he used to sell laddu on a plate; the laddu was soo tasty that it gained popularity. Now, there are six outlets of Thaggu ke laddu in Kanpur. This shop is so famous that it was also starred in the movie Bunty or Babli. It is famous for selling its signature laddu prepared from mawa and sooji. They are famous for serving the laddu and kulfi.

So, this is a must-visit sweet shop in Kanpur. Make sure whenever you visit Kanpur, don’t forget to relish the Thaggu ke laddu.

4. Badnaam Kulfi

Badnaam Kulfi-Karth Food Factory
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Badnaam Kulfi is not badnaam but famous for making people its fan because of its heavenly taste. It is a signature kulfi of thaggu ke laddu outlets. They are famous for serving laddu and ice cream. There are many ice cream varieties available at the sweet shop, but this kulfi is their best creation. So, while buying laddu, have a bite of this famous badnaam kulfi.

5. Luchi & Sabzi

Luchi & Sabzi-Karth Food Factory
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Kanpur is famous for its breakfast dish called luchi sabzi. The luchi is a deep-fried flatbread prepared with refined flour dough, and it is served with a sabzi made with boiled potato, spices and herbs. Apart from kachori, jalebi and samosa, you will find the breakfast shops serving this delicious breakfast dish.

Just visit any breakfast corner of Kanpur to relish this scrumptious breakfast. You can also visit Chamanganj to taste this dish.

6. Imarti

Imarti-Karth Food Factory
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If you visit Kanpur, you will find imarti in every sweet shop. It is a famous dessert of Kanpur city. Imarti is prepared with black gram flour batter; this batter is poured in the hot ghee. Then they are dipped in sugar syrup that consists of cloves, cardamom, and saffron. It is a floral shape dessert.

7. Hanuman Chaat Bhandar

Hanuman Chaat Bhandar-Karth Food Factory
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In every city you visit, you will always find a shop that is famous for serving the best chaat. If you visit Kanpur, you will find the Hanuman chaat bhandar. It is one of the oldest food shops in Kanpur. There are two outlets of Hanuman chaat bhandar in Kanpur, one in the van market and the second one at the model town. The hara aloo and basket chaat are very popular among visitors.

8. Baba Ki Biryani

Baba ki Biryani-Karth Food Factory
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The Baba ki biryani is also among the most famous food outlets in Kanpur. It is famous for serving the best biryani and non-veg food in Kanpur. It serves the food with exotic taste at pocket-friendly prices. Biryani, kebab and tandoori chicken are the most ordered dishes here. Its food outlets are located in several parts of Kanpur.

These were some lip-smacking street food of Kanpur. All these dishes are a must to eat dishes. Kanpur is packed with famous food outlets, and it shows the love for the food of Kanpur folks.

Do you know Chamanganj is a famous food street in Kanpur? During the evening time, this place is crowded with food lovers. You will find the varieties of veg and non-veg food. This place is also famous for chaat and Chinese food. So, you must pay a visit to this place and enjoy the Kanpur food delicacy.

So, this was all about Kanpur city and its famous street food. To know about the famous street food of more places, stay tuned with Karth Food Factory. Till then, cook new dishes with Karth Food Factory and enjoy cooking.