Our Story

Hello and welcome to the team of Karth Food Factory. As children, we all had a fantasy to enter a place which was filled with food. Good food and abundant food. Karth Food Factory lets you discover various food dishes and gives simple recipes to make them without any hassle. Some are professional bakers whereas some are lazy foodies.

We have recipes for all of them. If you want the gastronome in you to discover various palates then you can click on the Freshly Served recipes available on the website. If you want a quick solution to your hunger then go to our quick recipe section and choose from the abundant choices.

We are a team where everyone is a connoisseur. We all take our journeys to explore various food and flavours and present to you here. This website is for anyone and everyone who wants to discover their love for food. Even if you do not want to try your hands on cooking you can still be with us and relish your eyes by seeing appetizing dishes.