Popular Street Food Places In Pune

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Are you among the ones, who love travelling and eating local street food and visiting food outlets and restaurant in different cities? Then you are one among us. So, if you are about to travel to Pune and planning to eat the local and best street food of Pune. Then plan your food tour according to this blog. Here we are presenting the must-haves and must-visit food corners of the lively city.

Pune is famous for its educational hub, busy life, shopping centres and street foods. You can find famous food corners, restaurants, streets and food paradises in Pune. From stalls to 5-star restaurants, you will love food everywhere in this city.

So, let’s begin the virtual tour of the best street food of Pune.


1. Misal Pav From Shri Krishna Bhuvan

Misal Pav

Located on the Bhudhwar Peth of Pune, this breakfast corner serves the most authentic Misal Pav of Pune. They are famous for serving the best misal pav and Maharashtrian food. You can also try Kanda poha and sheera at this place.

Misal Pav is a traditional Maharashtrian breakfast prepared from moth beans, spices, and herbs. It is paired with Pav and garnished with sev, onion and green chillies.

So, the misal pav was delicious. Now, let’s move toward Kothrud to smack the spicy Kathi rolls.

2. Zaika for Kathi Rolls

Pune Rolls- Karth Food Factory
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Zaika is well known for its signature Kathi rolls, it is situated at kothrud, Pune. It serves the tempting Kathi rolls and apart from that they also serve bhurji, omelette and rice dishes.

Kathi roll is a kebab wrapped in a paratha or flatbread and it is prepared with egg, chicken, herbs and spices.

Kathi rolls were delightful and full of flavours.

3. Pithla Bhakri at Girija Restaurant

Pithla Bhakri- Karth Food Factory
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Pithla Bhakri is a traditional Maharashtrian dish, it is very nutritious. The pithla is prepared from gram flour, and spices, whereas bhakri is made from jowar flour. It is served with kharda prepared from green chilli, garlic and salt.

Girija Restaurant at Tilak Road, Pune serves delicious Pithla Bhakri and Maharashtrian food.

Wow, the Pithla Bhakri was so amazing, and the flavours were so authentic and unique. There is no place for any more food in the stomach. Why not burn some calories and do shopping.

When your shopping is complete. After that head towards Bajirao road and buy some Bakharwadi.

4. Buy Bhakarwadi from Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale

Bhakarwadi- Karth Food Factory
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If you want to buy the bhakarwadi then buy it from Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale. They are best at making Bakharwadi and they also serve tempting sweets. You can visit any of their branches and buy bakharwadi. Their main outlet is located at Bajirao Road, Pune.

Bakharwadi is a spiral roll snack. It is prepared with gram flour dough and filled with a sweet and spicy filling.

So, you can not only buy Bhakarwadi but can also taste it. You can also devour some delicious sweets. Do you know that there is a bakery that makes delicious cookies? Without wasting time, let’s go there and buy some cookies and cakes.

5. Cookies at Kayani Bakery

Kayani Bakery- Karth Food Factory
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Kayani Bakery located at East Street, Camp, Pune is very well known for its lip-smacking Shrewsbury cookies. It is a Parsi bakery and they also serve the mawa cake, milk bread, Khari biscuit, ginger biscuit, wine biscuit, and sponge cake.

These cookies are made with refined flour, butter, oil, milk and essence. It is a must-visit place if you are a fan of bakery items.

You can admit that you have never tasted such cookies and cakes anywhere. Each eatery here is so delectable and the fragrance is so amazing. You know what they sell around 240 kgs of cookies every day.

The tour is about to end but it is incomplete without something sweet and cold dish. So, now let’s go to Sujata Mastani and drink this signature drink.

6. Sujata Mastani from Sujata Mastani

Sujata Mastani- Karth Food Factory
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Sujata Mastani is a famous dessert parlour in Pune. It is a 50-year-old business and it has outlets in many parts of Pune city. If you love desserts and ice cream and shakes, then don’t miss this chance to visit this sweet place. Their signature drink is Mastani shake.

The Mastani shake is a mango shake topped with fruits, dry fruits and whipped cream. If you buy this special drink, then buy it from the Sadashiv Peth outlet of Pune.

Everyone rightly heard about this signature drink. There is no competition for this drink, it is heavenly.

This was all about this soul-satisfying street food of Pune. Let’s end this tour and plan the next food tour for a different city. Till then enjoy your day and follow Karth Food Factory for more such blogs and food tour. Bon Appetite.