Know About Genelia And Ritesh’s Creative Way Of Making MEAT Without MEAT

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Recently the famous Bollywood celebrity couple Genelia and Ritesh Deshmukh has started a new business venture named “Imagine Meats”. It is a partnership between Genelia Ritesh Deshmukh, The Good Food India, and Archer Daniel’s Midland. Imagine Meats is starting to promote vegan meat and vegan non-veg food.

Right now, vegan non-veg food is gaining popularity in India, and many people are switching non-veg food to vegan meat. Keeping the current situation of the world and ecosystem in mind, the couple decided to do something for India and the whole world. They wanted to do something sustainable to save mother earth and their living beings. Thus, they took this initiative and started this new start-up of Vegan meat or plant-based meat.

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 Ritesh Deshmukh’s Intention Behind Imagine Meats

Earlier he was also non-vegetarian. 4 years ago he decided to ditch non-veg food and started eating veg, but deep inside he craved it. So, he started eating plant-based meat and now he is a happy vegetarian.

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Genelia D’souza Deshmukh’s Expectations With Imagine Meats

She, along with Ritesh, wanted a kinder and better world for the children and want to serve the world with vegan non-veg food of the same taste as non-veg food. Apart from that, they want to make the world a better and peaceful place. Opted for sustainability and kindness instead of cruelty.

Planning and Implementation of the Idea 

Only planning and thinking are not enough; one has to implement them to reach their goal, and so does this beautiful couple. They researched and attended the GFI’S conference in September in San Francisco. After that, they also visited the headquarters of various plant-based industries. Soon they signed a partnership agreement with ADM Nutrition.

Then, they worked day and night to launch their brand in India and learned how this industry works and what they need to launch their brand. To promote their brand, they choose various reality show platforms to make people aware of their brand and vegan meat. The actor Salman Khan also helped in promotion, and along with them, he also did the promotion.

Before doing the promotion, Genelia and Ritesh Deshmukh organized a party at a farmhouse and invited many celebrities. Salman Khan was also there, and he tasted every dish. Then he decided to help Genelia and Ritesh in the promotion. So, he invited both celebrities on BigBoss for brand promotion.

What products Imagine Meats will manufacture?

Right now, Imagine Meats is aiming to manufacture products like kebabs, chicken, curries, and biryani. They will ensure that it tastes the same as real non-veg food. To make vegan chicken, the chicken used in the dish is prepared with soya or with vegetable protein. The vegan chicken has the same texture as the real chicken, and with the blend of spices, it also tastes the same.

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“Imagine Meats” is a good initiative to protect the planet and safeguard planetary health. Anyone can easily turn vegetarian without sacrificing taste, and vegetarians will also get a chance to eat artificial non-veg food. So, it’s a complete win for both sides. It will boost veganism and make this world a better place.

Genelia and Ritesh Deshmukh has worked really hard to launch this brand. They worked even during a pandemic for it. Hopefully, it will be available in the retail market soon. So, stay updated to try vegan meat.

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