Relish the Delightful Street Food of Amchi Mumbai

Street Foods Of Mumbai

The three things you can never steal from Mumbai are Bollywood, beaches, and its food, especially street foods. Mumbai is a beautiful city of dreams, but it is also a city of tempting food. The food in Mumbai is very tasty and flavourful. Once you eat it you will never forget its taste.

Mumbai is the home for people around the globe; there are many people from different cities and cultures who live in Mumbai. That’s why it has varieties of food from different cultures and regions. The traditional food of Mumbai comes from Maharashtrian cuisine; it caters the authentic Marathi dishes that are rich in taste, texture and filled with flavours.

The Juhu Chowpatty is famous for its street food all over India. It is a must-visit place for street food. You must try these dishes; if you are in Mumbai or about to visit Mumbai, then you should smack these delicious dishes.

The 7 best street foods in Mumbai

1. Akuri

Akuri-Relish the Delightful Street Food of Amchi Mumbai
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Akuri is a Parisian dish, and it is a spicy scrambled egg dish. It is prepared with onions, garlic, eggs and spices. It is cooked until it’s runny, but the eggs are never overcooked. Akuri is served with double roti or pav.

You can enjoy this dish at a famous Parsi restaurant, i.e. Jimmy Boy located at Vikas building, Bank Street. It also serves the dhansak, cutlets, pastry and cakes.

2. Batata Vada

Batata VadaRelish the Delightful Street Food of Amchi Mumbai
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Batata Vada is a potato fritter and is a vegetarian fast food in Maharashtra. It is a patty made with the filling of boiled potato, spices and herbs and coated with the batter of gram flour, salt, red chilli powder and water. After then it is deep-fried and served with chutney. It is also known as aloo vada or aloo bonda.

The best place to munch batata vada is Pipasa, Goyal shopping arcade, Borivali West. They serve delicious vada pav, samosa, milkshakes, lassi and other snacks.

3. Bun Maska

Bun Maska
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The Bun Maska is a Maharashtrian staple food. Bun means bread, and Maska means butter. The bun is made with refined flour, yeast, salt, milk, curd, and oil; all ingredients are mixed to form a soft dough, then it is baked in an oven. The bun should be cotton soft, and after that, to make bun maska, in a flat pan, butter is added, and then the bun is heated from both sides.

It is best paired with chai and is consumed during evening tea-time. So, if you want to eat bun maska in Mumbai, then visit the 100 years old Irani café Yazdani Bakery, near the flora fountain. It is famous for its bun maska Irani chai, and it only sells Irani snacks.

4. Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri
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Bhelpuri is a savory chaat or snack made with puffed rice, onion, tomato, green chillies, potato, chutney, and sev. It is identified as a beach snack and is the most sold dish in the Juhu Chowpatty of Mumbai.

Therefore, Juhu Chowpatty is the best place to eat the bhelpuri; you can buy it from stalls, the famous bhel stall is Jai Jawan.

 5. Ragda Pattice

 Ragda Pattice-Relish the Delightful Street Food of Amchi Mumbai
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Ragda pattice is chole tikki or chole chaat. The pattice is made with mashed potato and herbs and deep-fried in oil. Ragda is a gravy prepared from boiled white chickpeas, vegetables, and spices. The pattice is placed on a plate, and then ragda is poured over it. It is the famous street food of Maharashtra.

Sharma chaat bhandar at Ville parle west is known best for its chaat and ragda pattice.

6. Puran Poli

Relish the Delightful Street Food of Amchi Mumbai
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Puran Poli is a sweet flatbread made with wheat flour, sugar, chana, ghee, and jaggery. It is a famous Maharashtrian sweet dish. Puran Poli can be served either hot or cold, and it is like crepe or pancakes. Puran Poli is made in every household in Maharashtra and is also prepared for special occasions and festivals.

So, Vinay health home is well known for its authentic Marathi food and Puran Poli. So, one must visit this place to taste the best Marathi food and it is located at cp tank, Girgaon.

7. Frankie

Frankie- Karth Food Factory
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Another famous food in Mumbai is Frankie. It is a Mumbai burrito and similar to Kati roll. Frankie is an Indian wrap made with tortilla or chapatti prepared from wheat or refined flour. It is filled with a special filling made from mashed potato, vegetables, and spices. The filling is first sauteed and then placed over a roti, which is then rolled.

So, the Breadkraft, Andheri West is known as the paradise of Frankie and rolls. They Serve a variety of Frankie and rolls.

Therefore, make your trip memorable with the taste of Mumbai street foods and beaches. The one who visits Mumbai never forgets to visit marine drive. So, when you travel to Mumbai, never forget to try these mouth-watering dishes. Till then, Bon Appetite!