Relishing Foods of Coimbatore


Are you aware of a city in India, which is a business hub, educational hub, perfect for tourist attractions, and has delectable street foods? The town named Coimbatore, which is the second-largest city of Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is known as the “Manchester of South India”. Apart from mesmerizing tourist attractions, tourists are also a fan of the street foods of Coimbatore.

This city has a different kind of street food you have never tasted before.

So, let’s have a look at the delectable dishes and foods of Coimbatore.

1. Lemon Rice

LemLemon Rice- Karth Food Factory
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Lemon rice is also known as Chitranna. It is a South Indian dish and widely famous in Karnataka. It is tangy in taste and mostly cooked in every household of Coimbatore. Lemon rice is prepared with rice, lentils, onion, garlic, lemon juice, and gojju (a seasoning). Turmeric powder is also added to give it a yellow colour.

If you want to taste this dish, then don’t forget to visit The Royal Hindu Restaurant at Bank Road, Coimbatore. They serve authentic lemon rice.

2.  Rasam 

Rasam - Karth Food Factory

Rasam is the most famous and popular dish in South India. It is a spicy, sweet and sour South Indian soup and it is prepared with tamarind, dried green mango juice, jaggery, garlic, spices, and vegetables. Rasam is also known as Mulligatawny. It is consumed as a soup, or else it can also be paired with rice.

You can try rasam at Coonoor Ramchandra restaurant. They are known for serving the best rasam in Coimbatore.

3. Puttu

Puttu- Karth Food Factory

Puttu is a breakfast dish, it is very healthy, and it means “Portioned” in Malayalam. It is made with rice and coconut. Puttu is a steamed rice roll coated with coconut. It is served with sambhar or with banana.

So, do you want to relish this tasty breakfast? If yes, then visit Ente Keralam, Race Course.

4. Murukku

Murukku- Karth Food Factory
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Murukku is a spiral snack that originated from Tamil Nadu. The name Murukku means twisted in the Tamil language, and it is made from rice, urad dal, and spices, and it is crispy. It is a favourite snack for Coimbatore folks.

You can buy Murukku from any local sweet shop and snack shop.

5. Kozi Urundhai

Kozi Urundhai- Karth Food Factory
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Kozi Urundhai is a fancy name for chicken meatballs with gravy. It is hot and spicy in taste and a soulful non-vegetarian dish for the people of Coimbatore. This dish is mostly available in restaurants. So, don’t try to search for it on the streets.

Instead, you can dine out at Hotel Junior Kuppanna, located at Peelamedu. They serve traditional South Indian food.

6. Jigarthanda

Jigarthanda- Karth Food Factory
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Jigarthanda is a col drink and widely popular in South India. It is originated in Madhurai, and from there, it got famous in the whole of southern India. This drink means cool heart because it has a cooling agent, and it fits best for summers. Jigarthanda is prepared with milk, ice cream, almond gum, sugar, and sarsaparilla root syrup.

The best place where you can try this drink is at food stalls and ice cream parlours on the streets of Coimbatore.

7. Kalan Varuval

Kalan Varuval- Karth Food Factory
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It is a mushroom-based starter. Kalan Varuval is very spicy and is a favourite snack of Coimbatore people. To taste this dish, you should visit local Chinese restaurants, or you can buy it from food stalls on the streets.

So, it was all about the famous foods of Coimbatore. Next time when you visit this city, don’t forget to smack these dishes while exploring the city. Hurry up! So now pack your bags and get ready to start your food tour.