‘Mother’s Day Special’- Inspirational Journey Of YouTuber Kabita Singh


Everyone has that one hobby that they wish to turn into a passion, but few have the determination, to do so. Kabita Singh is one of them, she is a famous Indian YouTuber and food blogger, not only that she is a housemaker and mother of two kids. She started her youtube channel “Kabita’s Kitchen” on 2nd November 2014, with a simple idea.

Now there are more than 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her journey from 0 to 10 million followers was not easy but she faced all challenges and broke all stereotypes and reached cloud 9 with her hard work, determination, and a positive mindset.

Know About The Success Story Of Kabita’s Kitchen

Kabita was born on 21st February 1981 in Kolkata. She was very talented since childhood and after completing her MBA, she worked at a bank, and later she got married and settled in the U.K with her husband. When she was in the U.K, she didn’t like the food there and decided to cook on her own, she used to cook food with the help of YouTube videos and with the help of basic teaching given by her mother.

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She was enjoying cooking and one day she decided to start a youtube channel and post recipes. Her main target was to post videos for youngsters, beginners, and bachelors, who don’t know cooking. So, she started posting easy recipes. Before starting her channel, she saw videos on YouTube and learned how to make videos, set camera, video shooting, and video editing.

Her first recipe was simple homemade bhindi, and from then she started posting videos every day. Slowly she enjoyed cooking and posting videos. She says she was happy with few followers and viewers.

Day by day her subscribers started increasing and the demands and queries of followers also increased. Then Kabita and her husband realized that their small initiative has now become their responsibility. She has two kids so, she also took care of them while working. Just like many supermoms do.

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One day Kabita’s husband suggested she make videos of simple, basic, day-to-day recipes. She accepted the suggestion and started making simple food videos. The turning point of her life came when she posted her 89th video “Bread Rasgulla” in July 2015, on her YouTube channel. It was her experimental recipe and her viewers loved it. From then her subscribers started increasing and she started receiving awards from YouTube.

During the pandemic, she decided to post a video of simple food recipes like dal chawal and roti sabzi. Her followers liked her work and shared it with everyone. She started the year 2021, with positivity and now she has 10 million subscribers on her channels. Her hard work has paid off.

She says that she started this channel to follow her passion and her family also supported her in this journey. From her husband to kids, they all supported and helped her in achieving goals and fulfilling her dreams.

Right now she earns more than 5 lakhs rupees per month. Her channel Kabita’s Kitchen is on number 2nd, in the list of top Indian YouTube bloggers. She is hardworking and successful but she has never underestimated her responsibilities towards her family. Kabita always paid attention to her family and she shoots videos when her kids go to school and edited videos when her kids fall asleep.  She loves her family and her work.

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Kabita Singh is an inspiration to every woman, housewife, and mother. She has set an example that, if you are a housewife, you don’t need to sacrifice your dreams. You can make your dreams come true and live your dreams, while taking care of your family, with good managing skills, love, and hard work.

India and every human being is proud of such mothers and salutes to the woman power. Her success story teaches that cooking hobbies can also be converted into a career and a housewife can also be successful.

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Karth Food Factory wishes Kabita Singh and every mother a very Happy Mother’s day.