The 5 Must Try Foods in Delhi

The 5 Must Haves Foods in Delhi

Delhi is not only a great historical place in India, but it is also the capital of food. Apart from Qutub Minar and other historical sites, it is also famous for palatable foods. Delhi is famous for its diversified culture, and that’s why the street foods in Delhi is also full of different varieties inherited from different cultures.

If you are an epicurean, then you must visit Delhi and taste the mouth-watering foods of Delhi. When you visit this city, you will find many restaurants, food corners, stalls and food street. No matter where ever you go, you’ll find food in every corner of Delhi.

Do you know many famous food dishes are from the streets of Delhi? And it is mostly famous among food connoisseurs. So, today’s food blog is all about famous foods and food places in Delhi.

So, without wasting any time, let’s start Delhi’s food trail.

1. Paratha

Paratha-The 5 Must Haves Foods in Delhi
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To make your day best, start your day with paratha! Parathas are the most famous food in Delhi. Usually, you will see cooking paratha in every household, but in Delhi, it is cooked and sold on the streets also. Do you know what paratha is? Paratha is a flatbread with a stuffing of vegetables filling inside it. Most commonly, potato filling.

So, you too should start your day with healthy paratha, and the best place to eat the paratha is Moolchand paratha joint at Lajpat Nagar. They serve varieties of paratha such as cheese paratha, egg paratha, keema paratha, and garlic paratha. Along with paratha, they serve boondi ka raita and mango pickle.

2. Daulat ki Chaat 

Daulat Ki Chaat-The 5 Must Haves Foods in Delhi
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Who doesn’t like chaat? chaat is a soulful food, and everyone loves to eat chaat. If you are in Delhi and not tasted chaat then you will regret it later. So, better eat Delhi’s famous chaat but have you ever tasted sweet chaat? Yes, here in Delhi a chaat named Daulat ki chaat is sweet in taste. It is sold during winters and is popular among Delhites.

You will find it at food stalls at Chandani Chowk of Delhi. So, don’t forget to eat it.

3. Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature-The 5 Must Haves Foods in Delhi
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Chole Bhature! only taking its name fills the mouth with water and what will happen if one will eat it. Chole bhature is an Indian food prepared with white chickpeas gravy and bhatura made with refined flour. Delhi is known as the best city to serve authentic chole bhature. You will find it in every street, and you will see the long queues in front of its stalls and food shops.

The Sita Ram Diwan Chand (food corner) serves the best chole bhature in Delhi. They are serving the delicious chole bhature since 1950. You can buy a plate of chole bhature, which contains two paneer stuffed bhature along with a bowl of chole and special aloo sabzi.

4. Momos

Momos-The 5 Must Haves Foods in Delhi
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Other than chaat, momos have become the staple food of Delhi. Momos are the life of Delhi people; you will find momos in every street. You can witness people eating momos returning from college, offices and coaching. Momos are steamed or fried snack prepared with refined four dough and vegetable or non-veg filling. It is a kind of Dumpling.

So, if you are also a momo fan, then you should definitely not forget to enjoy momos at Sikkim Food Stall in Dilli Haat. This is the best place to eat momos because they serve the varieties of momos that are spicy and rich in flavours. They serve the veg steam momos, veg fried momos, chicken steam momos, and chicken fried momos. Their USP is that they serve the momos with a bowl of soup and chilli chutney.

5. Rolls

The 5 Must Haves Foods in Delhi
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The Kathi rolls of Kolkata are also very famous in Delhi and has won the heart of Delhi people. Kathi roll is a flatbread roll made with refined flour and stuffed with vegetables, and it is crispy in taste. There are numerous places in Delhi where you will find tasty rolls.

If you want to know the best place that serves the Kathi rolls, the place is Nizam’s Kathi kebab located at defence colony. The rolls here are scrumptious and crispy, and you know what they also prepare rolls in olive oil on request.

The food trail ends here, and these were some food dishes you must try in Delhi. So, when you visit Delhi, do eat Delhi food along with Delhi darshan.