Women Food Bloggers Who Are Pursuing Their Culinary Obsession

Women's Day 2022

The world celebrates International Women’s Day 2022 on 8th March, as a mark of respect and gratitude towards women in our lives. Women who constantly are making sure we become a better person every living second on this planet.

Women are the epitome of love, elegance, immaculacy, and whatnot, but the most important example we all forget is, she is the epitome of courage.

How come we name women and not raise the idea of delicious food, not because it is a stereotype in the society for a woman to be a good cook. But because they are blessed with  a sense of knowing what is good food.

Our women are taking the food industry by storm and setting their foot in this male dominant society and challenging it with the scoop of courage.

Women’s day 2022 is giving us all an opportunity to acknowledge what they have on their platter of talent. And how food blogging is one of their many ways to conquer the world. 

These top 4 social media Women connoisseurs of food blogging industry are giving your taste buds a tingle with their drool worthy food posts, and helping you decide your next meal.

Women’s Day Special: Passionate Women Food Bloggers Trending On the Internet

1. Gastronome By Payal Gaikwad


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Payal Gaikwad is an enthusiastic Maharashtrian food blogger. She was born and brought up in Bhopal and is now based in Pune. Payal also knows how to win hearts with the food posts that cannot be resisted. Adding to her journey she says that her love for cooking and the zest to explore various cuisines has led her to Food Blogging. Living in Pune has given her an incredible opportunity to explore- Parsi, Vidharbh, Kandheshi & authentic Maharashtrian food

She explains how Lockdown gave her an opportunity to latch on to her passion and showcase her talent through @gastronome__.

While keeping the one Mantra on “Work-Life-Food” she says her journey from being a chef to a food blogger has definitely given her a good time so far and notability amongst various renowned platforms. She was part of BIG-Bhopal Influencers Group.
Also, was invited by Raag Bhopali for Bhopal & Bhopaliyat Chai pe Charcha Session for women empowerment session. 

2. ZingyZest By Sarah Hussain


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Sarah Hussain, a young girl from New Delhi, is changing the norms of getting successful with her extraordinary skills to cook and review food. She started Food blogging with Zingyzest at the age of 19. With her love for food she is now collaborating with huge brands and names all over the globe.

Her easy recipes and appetizing food posts can give you a run to the kitchen. Not just a Food Blogger, Sarah has been an eminent speaker as well and has inspired many kids from colleges all over Delhi with her knowledge and expertise in the food industry.

She says passion can be turned into a profession with the right amount of hard work. With increase in followers count on social media everyday she says she’s an expert when it comes to food and knows every food corner to high end restaurants of Delhi 

3. Curly.tales By Kamiya Jani


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Kamiya Jani is making her way up as a Food+Travel Blogger and mesmerizing us with her Curly tales. She says the journey was not always Food and Travel Blogging. Firstly, she was working as a TV anchor when she decided to bite the bullet and resigned from her job to follow her Ikigai.

Earning a living from what you love always makes you happier. And in her case she was already studded with photography skills and video making which fueled her passion. Therefore she dared to live a life she always dreamed of.

She is a mother and a full time Food+Travel Blogger. Her passion made her set up Curly Tales to let people discover their love for food and travel.

She runs her show called Sunday Brunch where she can be seen taking a bite with famous celebrities and loving what she does. Her amazing persona and love for following her passion has made her come a long way.

4. Masterchef- Pankaj Bhadouria

Pankaj Bhadouria proudly calls herself a Mother first and then the winner of MasterChef India Season 1 (2010). The journey for Pankaj has been quite challenging. She had to quit her 16-year-old job as a school teacher to write history by winning such a huge competition.

She says her love for cuisine comes from her Lucknowi roots, and great teachings from her mother who taught her how to cook at a very young age.

Pankaj comes from a half-Bengali half-Punjabi background which gave her an exposure to delicious delicacies and added a tinge in her cooking skills.

Winning the MasterChef India 2010 title reinvigorated her passion to cook and laid down a foundation for her to open her own restaurants in Lucknow,

Since then she has not stopped and has hosted several TV Shows including- Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka, Dream Kitchen and Rasoi Se – Pankaj Bhadouria Ke Sath , written numerous cookbooks, and has her own culinary academy in Lucknow.

This women’s day 2022 take inspiration from these strong headed and courageous women food bloggers. Discover your passion and love for food. Next time when you’ll be serving a hot plate to yourself don’t forget to take a picture!