8 Famous Food Dishes Of Dubai


Dubai is the most beautiful and populous city in the United Arab Emirates. This city is the best tourist place, and it is famous for business, shopping, gold, tallest buildings, oil, and Mosques. Dubai is famous among tourists, and most tourists visit Dubai during festival season Dubai. In Dubai, a unique shopping festival is organized, where all branded items and gold is sold at very less price, and you can find a sale in every shopping outlets.

This surprisingly beautiful city is also known for its rich heritage and its cuisine. The food in Dubai is very tasty and different from any other Arab country. Tourists love the foods served here. Do you know that Dubai is on number second on the list of most five-star hotels globally? Like Dubai, its hotels are also beautiful and perfectly designed.
Therefore, while visiting Dubai’s famous tourist attractions or going shopping, eat some of the most delicious foods of Dubai.

Following are the eight most delectable foods in Dubai:

1. Majboos

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You are in Dubai and haven’t tasted Majboos. You are missing out on the most fantastic thing, Majboos is chicken rice made with vegetables like onion and garlic, a special masala called baharat, chicken, and rice. It is also known as kabsa and is the national dish of the UAE. Majboos is slow-cooked in a pot and served with the barista. It is specially prepared for iftar meals during Ramadan.
You should visit the “Karak House Cafe & Restuarant” to relish this scrumptious majboos. It is located in The Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai.

2. Shawarma

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Shawarma is now available outside UAE, but do you know Dubai is the place where it has gained popularity and then made its way outside Dubai. You may have eaten this dish in India, but the shawarma in Dubai is very exotic and classic in taste. Shawarma is slices of meat stacked into a cone shape and roasted on a slowly tuning vertical rotisserie. It is the most popular dish in Dubai and a kind of Middle Eastern sandwich. Shawarma is served in an Arabic roti with vegetables and sauce.

The shawarma lovers in Dubai prefer to relish this dish at Al Mallah. It is a well-known place for shawarma and serves the best shawarma in Dubai. Al Mallah is located at Satwa, Mamzar, Al Qusais.

 3. Fattoush Salad 

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Are you looking for salad in the streets of Dubai? Then you should order the Fattoush. It is one of the famous salads in Dubai. Fattoush is prepared with toasted flatbread, sumac, herbs, and vegetables, with exotic seasonings. This salad is very popular among the people of Dubai. It is a super tasty and healthy salad.

Buy this salad from Al Mandaloun at Gate Village. It serves the best salad in Dubai.

4. Ghuzi

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This one is also a rice dish, but the difference is this it is prepared with lamb. Ghuzi is made with spiced rice garnished with hazelnuts and served with skewered roasted mutton with vegetables. It is also one of the national dishes of the UAE. Ghuzi is a whole meal and prepared during festivals and occasions.

Dine at Kadak House to taste this delightful Emirati dish. Kadak house is located at The Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai.

5. Shish Tawook

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Shish tawook is the must-have dish, so don’t miss eating this dish. It is a chicken skewer and it is prepared with chicken, opinion, spices, oil, and curd. Firstly, the chicken is marinated, and then it is skewered and cooked or grilled on direct flame. Shish tawook is a staple dish of Dubai, and its smoky flavor easily bursts into the mouth.

So, gobble this spicy and tasty shish tawook at the Leila Restaurant, Midriff City Centre, Central Galleria, 1st Floor, Dubai.

6. Al Harees

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The Al harees is the kind of porridge, and it takes hours to make this dish. It is full of flavours and has rich consistency and texture. Al Harees is prepared with soaked wheat, boiled in water with meat and butter. After that, the extra water is drained, and the mixture is beaten and seasoned. Lastly, it is garnished with cinnamon, sugar and butter. You can see Dubai folks relishing this dish during Ramadan.

This delicious dish is best served at the Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe, Dubai festival city mall, Festival city.

7. Esh Hasarya 

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You are munching different types of foods in Dubai and not yet tasted a dessert. Not fair, Esh hasarya, is a kind of cheesecake and has a cream frosting. It is called the bread of the harem. Ash Harem is one of the most popular desserts of Dubai. It is made from toasted bread, caramel, cream, nuts, rose water, orange water and sugar syrup.

So, you should taste this dessert at any local sweet shop. They are the best at serving this dessert.

8. Mehalabiya

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This one is also a dessert; Mehalabiya is a pudding made with pistachios, rose water, orange water, and corn starch. It is served during the holy month of Ramadan. You must taste this dessert; it is very aromatic and states heavenly.

The Al Dawar Revolving Restaurant is a famous place to dine at. You can taste here any Emirati food dish, along with Mehalabiya. It is located at Hyatt Regency Dubai, Al Khaleej Road.

This Emirati city is best at serving the best Emirati food. So, you must try all of the above dishes during your Dubai trip. Don’t forget to buy some famous food items like dates, camel milk chocolate, Dubai spices and some souvenirs such as Arabic Attars or Ittars, gold jewelry, Arabic coffee pots and Oudh and bakhoor. Lastly, enjoy your trip to this glass city.