Try The Popular Appetizing Dishes Of America


Travelling in the US is not only a trip. It’s an experience, but that is also unforgettable. Be it New York, Washington, Los Angeles, or any other city; each place has its significance. The beaches, redwood forests, snow-covered peaks, and loving cities are the beauty of the USA. Along with that, Hollywood, Disneyland, culture, history, art, and food completes the US. While exploring the US, the fascinating thing about this place is the food. The foods in the US are very diversified as its culture.

You will find many food varieties originating from different cities and countries. Therefore, gobbling food in the USA is a different kind of adventure on its own.

So Here Is The List Of Famous Dishes Of America

1. Cobb Salad

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If you are looking for a salad in the US, then this one is the best. It is the traditional salad of America, and it is a whole meal itself. Cobb salad is a main-dish American garden salad. It was invented by Bob Cobb for his Brown Derby Restaurant in 1937. After that, this salad became a famous American dish. It is prepared with salad greens like lettuce, roasted chicken breast, crisp bacon, tomato, onion, avocado, boiled eggs, cheese, and vinaigrette. So, if you love salad, then don’t miss the chance to eat this healthy salad.

To Check Out The Recipe Click Here.

2. Buffalo Chicken Wings

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This one is one of the best dishes in American cuisine. The buffalo chicken wings were the main menu dish of “Buffalo restaurant”, a famous food chain in North America. From there, it gained popularity, and now it is famous worldwide. In 1977, July 27 was declared as a “chicken wing day”. The buffalo chicken wing is prepared with an unbreaded ching wing section, deep-fried in oil. It is served with a spicy sauce made with cayenne pepper and vinegar.

Therefore, it is a must-try dish. So, visit one of the Buffalo restaurant outlets and try their signature dish.

3. Clam Chowder Soup

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You are in America and not tasted the soup. How is it possible? In America, clam chowder soup is very famous. It is made with clam powder, potatoes, salt pork, cream and onions. This soup is creamy and served with oyster crackers. It is prepared in almost every household of America. The clam chowder is specially prepared during winters and Christmas. Clam chowder soup is prepared with either New England clam chowder or with Manhattan clam chowder. Both of them are very popular in the US.

4. Biscuits and gravy

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Biscuits and gravy is a popular breakfast dish in the US, especially in Southern America. This dish was created during the American Revolutionary War. Due to a shortage of food supply, the restaurants with biscuits and gravy are found in northern California to supply them. After that, this dish was invented and then it was eaten as breakfast. It is prepared with soft dough biscuits, covered with meat gravy made with pork, white flour and milk. So, make sure to try this breakfast dish.

5. Tater Tots

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If you are a fan of potato fries, you should try these America’s signature potato fries known as tater tots. Tater tots are cylindrical fried potato snack and served as a side dish. Tater tots were invented by an American frozen food company Ore-lda in 1953. It is named tater because tater is short for potato. Tater Tot is made with grated potatoes, formed into small cylindrical and after that, they are deep-fried in oil. It is one of the staple foods in the US.

So, you can buy tater tots from any fast foods restaurants in the US.

6. Hot Dogs

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When talking about American food, the first dish that strikes everyone’s mind is a hot dog. The hot dog is a food that contains a grilled sausage, served in a split bun. It is the famous food of America, but the truth is, it was originated in Frankfurt, Germany. It became the street foods in the US, sold at stands and carts. There are many variations of the hod dog in the US; many of its variants are named after regions like New York Style hot dog, New Jersey’s Italian hot dog, Chicago style hot dog and Michigan hot dog. Your trip would be incomplete without a hot dog. Thus, don’t forget to grab the hot dog.

7. Apple Pie

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After exploring New York City, you deserve to eat dessert. So, instead of eating pastries and pancakes, try apple pie. This pie is famous in the US and is a signature comfort food of the United States. Apple pie is made from apples, sugar, and crust. It is a double-crusted pastry with apple filling. Firstly, the crust dough is made, and then the apple mixture is prepared. After that, in a pie pan, the crust dough is placed and then it is filled with an apple mixture. Finally, it is covered with dough strips and latticed.

8. Burgers

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The other most popular food in the US is burgers. From fast-food restaurants to high-end restaurants, you will find burgers everywhere in the USA. It is popular in the US, but it is not originated there. It was originated in Germany. In Hamburg, Germany, a dish was sold on the streets of Hamburg. The dish was a piece of meat between two pieces of bread, and from there, it reached America and was called Hamburger.

In America, it was made with Ham and patty instead of between the pieces of bread. It is made with buns, veggies, spread, and veg or non-veg patty. Therefore, relish the famous burger of the US from any fast-food corner.

The USA is a place where you will find fast-food restaurants and food paradises in every footstep. So, all you need to do is just eat the lip-smacking foods in the US and enjoy your tour.