Enjoy The Diversified Foods Of Singapore

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Singapore is the best tourist place and well known for its multi-ethnic culture. Not only this scenic beauty also attracted tourists towards it. Do you know what makes people crazy for Singapore is its culinary culture? Singapore cuisine is inspired by Indian, Chinese, Malays, Indonesian, Peranakan, and western cuisine. Food is a national obsession for Singaporeans.

The one thing that makes Singapore different from any other country is that people of different communities and culture often eats together by choosing food that is acceptable for all. Therefore, foods in Singapore acts as a bond over food for the Singaporeans.

Do you know Singaporeans prefer to eat food at Hawker centres, coffee shops, and food courts? In hawkers centres a wider range of food options is available. Singapore food is popular all over the world. In Singapore, people ask, “Have you eaten?” as a greeting so, if anyone greets you like this in Singapore, then don’t be surprised.

So, Let’s Jump To The 8 Most Famous Dishes Of Singapore.

1. Chilli Crab

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Imagine you are at the beach and there you see a restaurant serving seafood. How appetizing is it? You can do this in reality by eating chilli crabs at the beaches of Singapore. It is the staple food of Singapore and also one of the best foods in Singapore. Chilli crab is promoted as one of the national dishes of Singapore by the Singapore Tourism Board. It is also listed at number 35 on World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods. The chilli crab is prepared with crabs and a special sauce. Chilli crabs are sweet and savoury in taste.

2. Fried Carrot Cake

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This radish cake is super tasty and is popular among Singapore folks. It is prepared by frying preserved radish with eggs and seasonings. The radish cake is served in a rectangular slab, which is first steamed and then fried. It has many variants but the Teochew variant is popular in Singapore. Therefore, you should try this fried carrot cake which is prepared without the carrot.

3. Easy Chicken Satay

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If you love barbeque foods, then this dish is curated for gourmet like you. Chicken satay is chicken chunks marinated, skewered, and grilled on fire. It is the famous street food of Singapore, but it is not originated in Singapore. The chicken satay was originated in Indonesia and is also declared as a national dish of Indonesia. It is made with chicken marinated with coconut milk, soy sauce, and spices. The chicken satay is served with an authentic sauce called satay sauce. This sauce is prepared with peanut butter, soy sauce, fish sauce, and coconut milk. You can buy this dish from any restaurants and satay vendors in Singapore.

4. Tau Huay

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Singapore cuisine is also famous for desserts. Tau Huay is a famous dessert in Singapore. It is a tofu pudding made with soft beancurd tofu, sugar syrup, ginkgo seeds. It can be eaten hot or cold. The tau huay was originated in China and is very popular in Southeast Asia. Thus, it is a must-try dish after eating spicy food in Singapore.

5. Hainanese Chicken

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This tasty dish will surely satisfy your taste buds with its exotic flavours and aroma. Hainanese chicken is a national dish of Singapore and a culinary staple in Malaysia. In Singapore, this dish was created by an immigrant trying to enhance the flavour of the chicken. This rice dish was popularised in Singapore in the year 1950 by Moh Lee Twee. Hainanese chicken rice is prepared with chicken, rice, local herbs, spices and vegetable.

6. Laksa

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Singapore food is not complete without noodles. Laksa is also a noodle soup. There are many variants of Laksa, and the Panang Asam Laksa was ranked 7th out of the 50 most delicious foods in the world by CNN Travel. It is prepared with vermicelli, chicken, prawns, fish, and coconut milk. It is a spicy noodle soup, and it is a part of the Peranakan cuisine of Southeast Asia.

7. Bak Kut Teh

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You are in Singapore, and you need to try this traditional soup called Bak Kut Teh. It is a pork rib dish cooked in broth. It is prepared with mushrooms, spices, and local herbs. In Malaysia, it is served with you char kway (strip of fried noodles). The Bak kut teh is eaten before breakfast or lunch in Singapore. This dish is sold on the streets of Singapore, and Singapore folks also prepare this dish at home.

8. Chwee Kueh

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Want to try rice cake, then try the one in Singapore. The Chwee kueh is a steamed rice cake. Chwee kueh is a bowl-shaped cake filled with topping. It is a part of Teochew cuisine, and this dish is very popular in Singapore. It is prepared with preserved radish, rice flour, starch and water. Chwee kueh is prepared in two parts, one is topping, and the second is the batter. The topping is prepared with soaked preserved radish, vegetables and seasonings. At the same time, the batter is prepared with rice flour, starch, water, and oil. It is served with chilli sauce.

Therefore, Singapore is a must-visit tourist place, and it is well known for its hospitality and food culture. While enjoying the stay in Dream Cruise, also enjoy the scrumptious foods in Singapore. Also, bring home the local food snacks, traditional beadwork, Merlion statue, Risis Orchid, and perakan porcelain. So, have lots of fun and enjoy the succulent foods in Singapore. Lastly, have a happy holiday.