The Scrumptious & Famous Food of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Food

Gujarat is known for its traditions, culture, festivals, people and food. It is the most famous and lively state of India. The people of Gujarat celebrate every moment and festivals with full enthusiasm. Ahmedabad is one of the most lively cities of Gujarat that is known for its lip-smacking street food and unique dishes.

Gujarati cuisine is the finest cuisine and is very popular around the world. The snacks and dishes from Gujarati cuisine are very light, healthy and very easy to make. There is one common ingredient that is used in much Gujarati Food and that is gram flour and each city of Gujarat has some popular dishes and delectable food.

Ahmedabad is one of those cities, it is very famous for its street food and it is the first UNESCO world heritage city of India. From snacks to dessert you will find everything on the street of this city.

Some of the famous places where you can find the best Gujarati staple food are Manek Chowk, Law Garden, Municipal Market, and Ahmedabad street food park.

Let’s have a quick street food tour of this Ahmedabad city.

1. Dal Vada

Dal Vada

Dal Vada is a variant of vada, which is prepared in Gujarati style. It is made with chana dal, rice flour and spices. A patty is made with this mixture, which is then deep-fried in oil. It is very nutritious and delicious.

You can buy dal vada from Ambika’s Dal Vada centre of Ahmedabad. You can also prepare it at home. It is very easy to make dal vada at home.

2. Dhokla


It is one of the most famous Gujarati dishes all over the world. Dhokla is like a rice cake prepared from fermented batter of chickpea flour, spices, and curd and lime juice. It is first steamed and then garnished with tempering of herbs and spices.

This dish has variant such as tam tam and khaman dhokla. You can eat this dish as breakfast or as an evening snack with green chutney. The Das Khaman House is known for its best Khaman Dhokla in Ahmedabad.

3. Khandvi


It is an exotic dish, made with a batter of gram flour, and curd. Khandvi is a small gram flour roll filled with coconut and coriander leaves filling. It is yellow and is very lightweight.

It is a must-try dish and is prepared in every house in Ahmedabad. You can try the delicious khandvi at The House of MG, Agashiye.

4. Khakhra


Khakhra is a thin cracker and is a very popular dish in Gujarat. It is a snack that every Ahmedabadi eats during tea time or breakfast. This dish is prepared with dough of wheat flour, chickpea flour, salt, spices and oil.

If you visit Gujarat, you can buy khakhras at any local sweet and breakfast shop. InduBen Khakhra is a must-visit place to try the impeccable khakhras.

5. Dal Dhokli

Dal Dhokli

It is a kind of dumpling made from wheat flour dough and cooked in curry prepared from lentils. It is the main course meal and is a traditional Gujarati dish. Dal Dhokli is served with rice and is very rich in flavour and texture. Swati Snacks is the best place to taste the amazing dal dhokli.

6. Thepla


Thepla is a traditional Gujarati breakfast, it is very yummy, and has many variants like methi thepla, mooli thepla and dudhi thepla. It is a flatbread prepared with dough made of gram flour, wheat flour, spices and herbs.

Thepla is the best breakfast option and is also very healthy and it is a homemade dish and very easy to make. Otherwise, you can try the traditional thepla at Masi Na Thepla shop.

7. Fafda


It is a popular Gujarati snack and is the most preferred snack during festivals. Fafda got famous during the Dussehra festival and is prepared with besan, oil, and carom seeds dough and then the dough is flattened into a rectangular shape and after that, it is deep-fried in hot oil.

It is served during breakfast with jalebi and it is the most famous breakfast combination in Gujarat. You can smell its fragrance every morning on the streets of Ahmedabad. Do you know the Oswal’s Jalebi Fada are very popular in Ahmedabad?

8. Pani Puri

Pani Puri

Like other cities, Pani puri is also famous in Ahmedabad, it is a staple food and can be easily found at stalls on the streets. It is a round hollow puri, filled with potato filling and spicy-tangy water. The pani puri water is made with coriander leaves, mint leaves, spices and water.

In Ahmedabad, it is called Pakodi and is a famous evening snack. Law garden is the best place to eat pani puri.

9. Kulfi


Kulfi is a frozen dessert prepared with a mixture of boiled milk, sugar, and dry fruits. After that, it is then poured into a mould and froze for several hours. Some of its variants are matka kulfi, kesar kulfi, mango kulfi, etc.

It is Indian ice cream and it is very popular among Gujarati people. You can find kulfi even at midnight hours in the streets of Ahmedabad. Asharfi kulfi is a popular shop, which serves the Best Kulfi.

These are some of the tempting foods one can find on the streets of Ahmedabad. So, next time when you visit this city, don’t forget to relish these scrumptious dishes from these food paradises and the famous world heritage sites of Ahmedabad. You can also make these dishes at home by following our food blog Karth Food Factory.