Make Your Iftar Delightful With Quick & Easy Snacks

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It is almost Ramadan, and during this holy month, the most significant rituals are prayer and fasting. The fasting is called Roza, and it is a full day fast; it starts in the early morning and ends in the evening after sunsets with prayer and delicious Iftar snacks.

This fast is observed by many people, and it starts with a pre-meal called sehri and ends with a post-meal called iftar. Between sehri and iftar, eating and drinking water is not allowed. That’s why the sehri and iftar food is full of nutrition and energy.

During Ramadan, delicious food dishes are prepared and served in every household and also sold in the food corners. If you visit a food street during this festival season, you will see sweet shops filled with scrumptious sweets and desserts, and the street is full of food fragrance and aroma.

Iftar party and food are very popular among people. The iftar party conducted by Baba Sidiqquie of Bollywood is popular among many people.

If you are also observing fast and want to cook some delicious meal for iftar. Then here are some mouth-watering iftar snacks that you can make and serve at your iftar party.

10 easy & quick Iftar snacks:

1. Haleem ke kebab

Haleem Kabab
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Haleem ke kebab is palatable and very easy to make. This dish does not only taste amazing but is also full of nutrients. It is prepared with mutton, lentils, vegetables, and spices. Haleem ke kebab is a deep-fried snack and fits right for iftaari.

2. Bread Pakora with Stuffed Potato

Bread Pakoda- Karth Food Factory
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Bread pakora is a deep-fried snack prepared with white bread cut into a triangular or rectangular shape and then stuffed with potato filling. After that, it is dipped in gram flour and water batter, then deep-fried in hot oil until golden brown. It is mostly liked by kids.

3. Hara Bhara Kebab

Hara Bhara Kabab- Karth Food Factory
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It is a vegetarian variant of kebab, and it contains lots of veggies. It is made with green peas, spinach, potatoes, spices, and gram flour mixture. Hara bhara kebab is very light, and it is served with green coriander chutney.

4. Chicken Shawarma 

Chicken Shawarma- Karth Food Factory
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Shawarma is an Arab dish and is prepared from meat and mutton. It is made with thin slices of chicken, stacked into a cone shape, and roasted on a slowly rotating vertical rotisserie. Chicken shawarma is the most famous street food in Egypt and Pakistan. So, chicken shawarma will add charm to your iftar party.

5. Keema Samosa

Keema Samosa
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Keema samosa is a non-veg samosa made with minced meat and spices filling. This filling is stuffed into a triangular shape cone; after that, it is sealed with water and deep-fried in hot oil. The mutton keema of Albert Bakery in Bangalore is very famous. So, don’t forget to add this dish to the list.

6. Mutton Taka Tak Lahori Style

Mutton Taka Tak
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Mutton taka tak is a stir fry dish. It is made with the stir-fried mutton brain, sweet bread, and kidney, marinated with spices. This dish is very rich in flavour and texture. The mutton taka tak is served with mint chutney.

7. Chicken Pakoda

Chicken Pakoda
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This dish is very easy to make and almost everyone like this dish. It is the best evening snack with the right amount of protein. It is prepared with chicken chunks marinated in spices and then dipped in gram flour batter. After that, it is deep-fried in oil.

8. Dates & Figs Fudge

Dates and Fig Fudge- Karth Food Factory
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Is it even an iftar without dates. Dates are important ingredients during iftar. So, dates and figs fudge perfectly suits ifar. It is made with dates, figs and peanut butter.

9. Falooda

Falooda- Karth Food Factory
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After tasting all spicy food, falooda will satisfy the sweet craving. It is an ice-cream drink and it is prepared with boiled vermicelli, chia seed, milk, ice cream, and dry fruits.

10. Roohafza

Roohafza- Karth Food Factory
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Roohafza is a cold drink prepared with rose sharbat and milk. It is sweet in taste and helps in cooling the body temperature and hydrating the body. This is summertime, so this drink will be perfect for iftar. Don’t forget to serve it cool.

These were the ten dishes that will make your iftar heavenly and if you want recipes for these dishes then follow Karth Food Factory. You will find all kinds of food recipes and knowledgeable food blogs. Till then, happy fasting and enjoy your iftar.