The Delectable Goan Food Dishes


Beaches, seafood, adventure sports, sunsets, and shopping are the things, that every traveler wants to experience during the tour. If you are among those travelers, then Goa is best for you. Goa has the most beautiful beaches in India and is also known for the best Goan food and seafood.

People from far away visit Goa to see its natural beauty and to spend leisure time. Other than beaches, and adventure sports, tourists like the seafood of Goa. The Goan food is inspired by Goan cuisine.

The Goan cuisine is mostly influenced by Portuguese cuisine and the main ingredients used in Goan foods are coconut, rice, seafood, vegetables, and local spices. Wherever you go in Goa, you will always find seafood restaurants and Goan food corners.

If you are about to visit Goa, then here are some of the best dishes that you can taste in Goa to satiate your seafood craving.

Following Are Some Flavored Pack Goan Foods

1. Goan Fish Curry

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This is the first dish that strikes in everyone’s mind, whenever talk about Goan food. Goan fish curry is the most famous dish of Goa. It is made with white fish, coconut milk, vegetables, and spices. This fish curry is amazingly delicious and it is paired with rice.

So, if you also want to try this Goan fish curry, then you should dine at the Fat Fish Restaurant & Bar located at Calangute. This place is packed with food lovers.

2. Chicken Xacuti

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Chicken xacuti is a curry prepared from chicken, coconut, local spices, poppy seeds, dried red chillies and herbs. The xacuti was originated from Arambol, Goa. It is a traditional Goan dish and a part of Goan cuisine. Xacuti is called Chacuti in Portuguese.

You should visit Souza Lobo at Calangute beach to relish this scrumptious xacuti.

3. Goan Nevri

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The Goan nevri is a sweet dish and it is also known as Karanji in Goa. It is made with dough balls stuffed with coconut, sugar, cardamom and dry fruits. The nevri is a Gujia and is prepared in festivals like Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi.

You can buy this from any local sweet shop on the streets of Goa.

4. Rava Fried Fish

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The Goan people are crazy for this dish. It is a fried fish fillets prepared with fish, spices like red chillies, ginger, and garlic. Rava fried fish is garnished with coriander leaves and dazzled with lemon juice.

The Spice Goa Restaurant at Mumbai Goa highway is the best place to relish Goan food especially Rava fried fish.

5. Goan Prawn Curry

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After fish curry, the Goan prawn curry is the second most famous dish in Goa. This dish is made with spiced gravy prepared with coconut milk and fresh prawns. The prawn curry tastes heavenly and is most popular among tourist and sea-food lovers. It is served with rice.

So, if you want to try this mouth-watering dish, then you should visit the Fat Fish at Baga, Goa. The seafood served here is very tasty.

6. Chicken Cafreal

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Cafreal is a Portuguese dish and it is introduced by the Portuguese to Goa. It is not like any other chicken dish, chicken cafreal is prepared differently. It is made with unique ingredients like rum. Chicken marinated with a paste and cooked with vinegar and rum. It is always made from whole chicken leg and paired with potato wedge or lemon wedge.

To savor this delicious dish, you should dine at Florentine Bar & Restaurant at Chogm Road.

7. Fish Recheado 

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Recheado is a special masala prepared in Goa. It is a special red masala, and the fish recheado is prepared with pomfret fish marinated with recheado paste and fried with onion until golden brown. The recheado is a Portuguese word that means “Stuffed”.

Hog this dish at Ritz Classic at 18th June Road, Goa. Once you eat this dish, you will never forget its taste.

8. Bebinca

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Bebinca is a layer cake, derived from India-Portuguese cuisine. It has 7 to 16 layers, prepared with eggs, coconut milk, butter, and jaggery and is very popular during Christmas. The bebinca can be preserved for a longer time.

You can buy this cake from Viva Panjim, located in Panaji, Goa. They serve the best Bebinca cake in Goa.

9. Kokum Juice

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Kokum juice is very popular in Goa. If you are in Goa, then you should drink this juice. Kokum is a purple berry and it is sweet and sour in taste. It has many health benefits and is highly recommended by Ayurveda.

Drink this juice at any beach in Goa. You can buy it from juice corners or stalls at Goa beach.

10. Bolinhas

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It is a Goan cookie, prepared with coconut, semolina, and dry fruits. Bolinhas is very popular among Goan folks and you can find these cookies in every household of Goa.

So, you can buy these Bolinhas cookies from any local bakery shop in Goa.

If you are in Goa then you should devour these dishes. So, while exploring this beautiful beach place, smack some relishing seafood and enjoy your Goa trip. And, yes don’t forget to buy cashew nuts, the cashew nuts of Goa are very popular and has different taste.