The Popular Foods of Chennai


South Indian food is something we often crave for. It is very healthy, tasty, nutritious plus very easy to cook.  You know what to find the authentic and traditional South Indian food one must visit Chennai. Yes, Chennai is the best place to taste South Indian food. You can find the typical south Indian food not only on the streets but also at famous south Indian restaurants. Today’s blog is about the popular foods of Chennai. 

Before jumping to the popular dishes, let’s first grab some knowledge about South Indian food.

South Indian food is usually prepared with three main ingredients i.e rice, lentils and their authentic spices. This food tastes sweet, tangy and sour, apart from this the cooking method is also different in South Indian cuisine in comparison to other cuisines. South Indian food is not only famous in India but it is popular all over the world.

So, here is the list of palatable foods of Chennai.

Popular foods Of Chennai

1. Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee
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Coffee is famous all over the world but nothing can beat South Indian coffee. It is a coffee drink prepared with brewing coffee in a traditional Indian filter and it is then mixed with frothed and boiled milk. The filter coffee is popularly called and known as Kaapi in Madras.

Get yourself a cup of famous Madras Kaapi from Madras Coffee House, T Nagar and it is also famous for its signature coffee and quick service.

2. Mulligatawny Soup

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Mulligatawny soup is popular in India with the name Rasam. It is a spicy, sweet and sour South Indian soup and it is prepared with tamarind, dried green mango juice, jaggery, garlic, spices and vegetables. The Mulligatawny is consumed as a soup or else it can also be paired with rice.

Malgudi Southern Cuisine, Savera Hotel is known for serving traditional South Indian food. It is located at the Dr Radhakrishnan road. So, you can taste the Rasam and South Indian food at this place.

3. Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa
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Dosa is a traditional and authentic dish of South India and Masala Dosa is one of the variants that was originated from the Tuluva Mangalorean Cuisine of Karnataka. It is prepared in two parts, the first is plain dosa prepared from a batter and the second is stuffing made from potato and spices. The Masala dosa is served with coconut chutney and sambhar.

Krishna Restaurant, New Woodlands Hotel at Mylapore serves the authentic and crispy masala dosa. It serves masala dosa with sambhar and three different chutneys.

4. Murukku Sandwich

The Popular Foods of Chennai
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Murukku is a spiral snack that originated from Tamil Nadu. Murukku means twisted in the Tamil language and is made from rice, urad dal, and spices. It is a cripsy snack of Chennai.

The Murukku sandwich is a popular snack in South Indian states. So, you can buy this Murukku sandwich from Links, Purusawalkam. Do you know they were the first to serve Murukku in Chennai? and their speciality is they serve Murukku with mint chutney.

5. Atho Noodles

The Popular Foods of Chennai
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Athos is a dish made from boiled noodles fried with sauteed vegetables and spices. It is also known as fried noodles. However, the dish hails from Burmese Cuisine but it is very popular in Chennai. Atho noodle salad is also a poplar form which people love to eat.

You can devour the Atho noodles at Burma bazaar, located at Goerge town of Chennai. Buy it from the food stall at Burma bazaar, and you can also try some other Burmese dish from this food street.

This was all about the famous and lip-smacking food of Chennai. So, if you are visiting Chennai, then don’t forget to eat these Chennai delicacies or if you want to bring Chennai food at home by making all these dishes at home. Then follow Karth Food Factory and make food with authentic recipes.