A Quick Tour Of Best Bikaneri Food

Bikaner Food

Bikaner is one of the best cities of Rajasthan, and it is known as the exotic beauty of Rajasthan. The Bikaner city is famous for its palace, heritage, history, and food. As Bikaner is a part of Rajasthan, likewise other Rajasthani cities, the popular food in this city is also a part of Rajasthani cuisine. Be it main course meal, snack or dessert most of the food is prepared from gram flour. Bikaneri food is rich in flavour and is prepared from local spices and ingredients.

If you love desi food or if you are the one who likes to try foods from different cities. Then you would love to try food in Bikaner. You will find delicious food in cafes, restaurants, food stalls in Bikaner. If you think that food in Bikaner is similar to the foods of other Rajasthan cities, then you are wrong. The Bikaneri food is unique, and you would love to explore the food in Bikaner.

Following are the best Bikaneri foods:

1. Bikaneri Bhujiya

Bikaneri Bhujiya-A Quick Tour Of Best Bikaneri Food
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This Bikaneri bhujiya is the most famous snack from Bikaner in India. It is a crispy and fried snack made from gram flour, moth beans and spices. Bikaneri bhujiya is available all over India.

If you are in Bikaner then, you must try the authentic Bikaneri bhujiya. You can buy this bhujiya from any local sweet shops on KEM Road. Else, you can also buy it from local shops in the old city.

2. Ghevar

Ghevar-A Quick Tour Of Best Bikaneri Food
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Ghevar is a traditional sweet state of Rajasthan. It s a sweet cake disc made from refined flour, and after that, it is dipped in sugar syrup. Ghevar is prepared during Teej and Rakshabandhan festival, and it is prepared in varieties like malai ghevar, rabdi ghevar.

To buy this delicious ghevar, you should visit the Chappan Bhog shop in Rani Bazaar. They serve the best rabdi ghevar in Bikaner. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab this delicious ghevar?

3. Raj Kachori

Raj Kachori- Bikaneri Food
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If you are a kachori lover, then you should definitely try raj kachori in Bikaner. Kachori is another most famous staple dish of Bikaner. Raj kachori is the favourite breakfast and snack for Bikaneri people.

So, to taste the best Raj kachori, you have to visit the Heeralal’s restaurant. It is located opposite Bikaner railway station.

4. Kesar Fini

Kesar Fini
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It is a famous sweet from Bikaner and is specially prepared during the Teej festival. It is a sweet spiral made from refined flour, and it is coated with sugar syrup and garnished with saffron, and dry fruits.

You can buy this scrumptious sweet from the Chotu Motu Joshi Sweet Shop at Station road. So, let’s not wait and smack this delightful sweet.

5. Gatte ki Sabji

Gatte Ki Sabji
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This main course meal dish is a part of Rajasthani cuisine, and it is prepared in every household of Rajasthan. The gatte ki sabji is prepared from gram flour dough balls dipped in spicy gravy with lots of spices. It is served with chapati or rice.

Laxmi Niwas Palace is the best place to savour authentic Rajasthani food. After exploring this beautiful city, make sure to have a decent lunch at Laxmi Niwas.

6. Laal Maas

Laal Maas
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Laal maas is a traditional Rajasthani dish. It is a mutton curry prepared with yoghurt and spices curry. Laal maas is hot and spicy in taste, and the red mathania chillies are the main ingredient, used in this dish. It is served with roti or rice.

You can relish this tasty mutton curry at Heeralal Restaurant or Laxmi Niwas Palace. Both places are well known for Rajasthani cuisine. So, make sure to taste this dish from one of these place.

7. Papad ki Sabji

Papad Ki Sabji
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This unique dish is from Bikaner, and it is made from papad, an Indian side snack. It is prepared with roasted papad and gravy made from curd, gram flour, spices, and herbs. The papad ki sabzi is served with rice and lassi.

You can try this Bikaneri delecacy at Laxmi Niwas Palace. It serves the best Rajasthani food. So, you should not miss this chance and relish the Bikaneri food papad ki sabzi.

8. Rasgulla

Rasgulla-A Quick Tour Of Best Bikaneri Food
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The second most famous dessert loved by Bikaneri folks is Rasgulla. It is a chenna ball prepared from curdled milk and soaked in sugar syrup. The classic and Kesar rasgulla is very popular in Bikaner.

So, You can try this sweet delicacy at Chappan Bhog or Chotu Motu Joshi Sweetshop. And, don’t forget to buy some for your friends and family.

9. Dudh Paak

Dudh Paak
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Dudh Paak is a Rajasthani sweet delight of Bikaner. It is made with milk, rice, dry fruits and sugar. Dudh Paak is like kheer and mostly prepared during festivals and ceremonies.
The Kishan Sweet shop at Old Bikaner serves the best dudh paak in the city. So, try this delightful dessert at this sweet shop.

Lastly, Bikaneri food is not just the food; it is the essence of Rajasthani food. All these dishes are very exotic and full of flavours. It is said that the food in Bikaner is prepared and served with love, and this city is also famous for its royal hospitality.

So, add this place to your travelling list, and don’t forget to taste these heavenly food dishes of Bikaner. Once you reach there and explore this city, you will be mesmerized by its beauty, hospitality, and food.