10 Best Healthy & Tasty Munching Snacks

Healthy snacks

Feeling hungry while working or studying but don’t want to eat a heavy and deep-fried snack if you are also diet conscious and don’t want to include high-calorie snacks in your diet, then why not try some healthy snacks that can be easily available or can be easily made at home.

The people who spend hours in the gym and try hard to maintain a fit and healthy body knows that along with exercising, healthy eating is also very important. So, if you are also finding a healthy food alternative, then start this habit with a healthy snack. Most snacks are deep-fried, which makes them rich in calorie and fat, but if you switch them with baked and nutritional food, you will have a healthy snack.

You need to choose the snack wisely, to maintain a healthy diet, and instead of eating fries, fritters, cakes, and sweets, you can eat healthy bars, rice treats, fruits, salad, dry fruits, and seeds. To help you out with healthy snacks, presenting the list of the best healthy snacks that can be your all-time favourite snack.

Below are the ten best healthy snacks that you can munch without any guilt:

1. Peanut Butter Cookies

Paenut Butter Cookies- 10 Best Healthy & Tasty Munching Snacks
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These cookies are very healthy because it has peanut as the main ingredient. Peanut butter helps in weight loss, managing blood sugar levels, and also boosts heart health.  So, you can pair these cookies with your evening tea.

2. Sprouts

Sprouts- 10 Best Healthy & Tasty Munching Snacks
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If you are among the ones who daily exercise in the gym, then you should include sprouts in your diet. Sprouts are very nutritious and contain phosphorus, folate, magnesium and Vitamin K. It has some other health benefits also like it helps in hair growth and glowing skin. So, try to eat a bowl full of sprouts every day.

3. Masala Corn

Masala Corn- 10 Best Healthy & Tasty Munching Snacks
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Are you craving for chatpata healthy snack, then you will definitely going to like this? Masala corn is prepared with sweet corn, and it helps in promoting heart health and reducing cholesterol level in the body. This masala corn is your best companion for evening hunger, and this will and you don’t need to count on your calories.

4. Jowar Cereal Bars

Jowar Cereal Bars
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It is a healthy bar prepared with sorghum, dates and seeds. The jowar cereal bar is packed with calcium, fibre, protein, magnesium, and potassium. You know what? It is also gluten-free. You can grab these bars while working on a computers screen; it will save you from starving.

5. Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas
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The roasted chickpeas can be easily prepared at home. All you need to do is boil them and roast them with your favourite spices. Are you wondering that why you need to eat roasted chickpeas? Because it has many health benefits as it helps in digestion, makes bones stronger, and boosts mental health. So, munch this roasted snack while studying to calm your hunger pangs.

6. Khakhra

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Another healthy Indian snack is khakhra. It is a crispy cracker made with gram flour and spices. Khakhra is very light and is also a great source of energy. If you are travelling then you should try this amazingly tasty and healthy snack.

7. Kale Chips

Kale Chips
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Kale is a leafy vegetable, and it is full of nutrients. You might don’t like eating kale in your salad, but you can make chips from it. Opposite to potato chips, kale preserves its nutritional value when made into chips. Kale is very healthy, and while munching kale chips, you don’t need to worry about fat because kale is fat-free and sodium-free. It contains fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, antioxidants and calcium. So, instead of eating fried potato chips, replace them with baked kale chips.

8. Roasted Lotus Seeds

Roasted Lotus Seeds
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If you like a roasted snack, then this one is for you. The roasted lotus seeds are healthy because you don’t need to add oil to roast them, it can be dry roasted. The lotus seeds contain many health benefits properties like maintains heart health, improves digestion, promotes sleep, manage diabetes, and above all, it has anti-ageing effects. Roasted lotus seeds are not only healthy but also a delicious and crunchy snack. You can switch it with popcorn and eat while watching movies.

9. Energy Balls

Energy Balls
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This healthy snack recipe is especially for the ones who like sweet snacks. Energy balls are sweet, but it contains sweet ingredient like dates instead of sugar. Most of the energy bar contains dates, coconut, seeds, nuts, and peanut butter. This healthy snack can be easily customized as per your taste. These energy balls contain protein, healthy carbs, fat, and fibre. It boosts energy, aids weight control, and supports lean muscle mass. You should not miss this snack if you regularly work out.

10. Pita Chips

Pita Chips
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Pita chips are another tasty and healthy snack. It is made with either white flour or wholegrains flour, spices, and seasoning. The chips are baked rather than frying, so it lowers the amount of fat. Pita chips contain less fat and salt, apart from that it is low in calorie and contains Vitamin B, Vitamin E. So, make this pita chips at home and pair it with hummus.

So, these were some healthy snacks that are full of flavour and nutrients. Try to switch the unhealthy food with these diet-friendly snacks and make yourself fit and healthy. If you want to switch to healthy munching, then you can also easily prepare these snacks at home, and to know their recipe, you need to follow Karth Food Factory for such recipes and blogs. Till then, have a Good Day!