Kaju Katli, The Popular Indian Sweet

Kaju katli
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Kaju katli also called Kaju barfi is a traditional Indian sweet made of cashews. These sweets are gifted on all occasions of any Indian festival, be it Diwali, Wedding, Holi, or any festival.

Kaju katli has a smooth and melt in mouth texture which is why it is loved by everyone. It has a hint of cardamom and rosewater flavor in it making it perfect in taste.

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To make a perfect Kaju katli:

  • Don’t over-grind the cashews. 
  • Use a spice grinder for getting fine cashew powder. 
  • Keep the heat low while constantly stirring the cashew mixture.
  • Add a little ghee to make it smooth.
Prepare time:15 min
Cook: 20 min
Ready in: 35 min


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  • 2 cups chilled Cashew nut, powder

For Sugar Syrup 

  • 1/2  cup Water
  • ¾ cup Sugar
  • ½ tsp Cardamom powder
  • 2 cups prepared cashew powder
  • 1 tsp Rosewater
  • 1 tsp Ghee
  • Few Saffron strands

For Garnish

  • Silverwork
  • Fresh Rose petals


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  1. Take a small mixer jar and add cashews to it and then grind to a smooth powder. 
  2. Now keep it aside.
  3. Then, sieve the ground cashew powder. 

For Sugar Syrup 

  1. Take a deep non-stick pan and add water, sugar, and cardamom powder to it. 
  2. Keep the flame on low and keep on stirring to make a syrup. 
  3. Stir the sugar syrup till it forms string consistency. 
  4. Now, add the sieved cashew powder into the sugar syrup. 
  5. Mix it really well, then add rose water and mix till it starts releasing from the pan. 
  6. Once the cashew paste turns to the dough, leave the pan and add ghee to it. 
  7. Continue to mix till the ghee melts completely and cashew dough is formed leaving the pan. Switch off the flame and grease the butter paper with ghee. 
  8. Transfer the cashew dough onto the butter paper. 
  9. Knead the dough for about 30 seconds with your hand, make sure to grease your hands with ghee.
  10. Once you get a smooth dough, cover it with butter paper. 
  11. Now, take a tray and press to form a uniform layer. Spread some saffron strands over it. 
  12. Next, roll the dough with a rolling-pin, adjusting the thickness however you want it to be. 
  13. Then, cut the dough into a diamond shape or the shape you like. 

Garnish it with silverwork and rose petals and serve on a nice plate.