Indian Style Mexican Nachos

Indian Style Mexican Nachos

Chips, french fries, fryums, fritters are some of the snacks which everyone eats regularly and they all taste amazing, but there is one more snack that can be added to the list, which is nachos. Nachos are a Mexican dish from North Mexico. It has its origin in the city of Piedras Negras, Texas.

Nachos are made with deep-fried or baked tortilla (Roti in Hindi) covered with melted cheese and served with dips and guacamole. It is a Light Snack that can be munched while watching movies, reading books. It can also be served at parties as a snack.

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In this dish, nachos are made with Indian ingredients like Indian spices, curd and herbs. This is a healthy dish and it is even made with wheat flour instead of refined flour, and this makes this dish high in nutrients. Here is the Mexican nachos recipe.

Per serving of nachos consists of 175 kcal

  • Carbohydrates 11g
  • Protein 3.7g
  • Fibre 0.6g
  • Fat 12.9g
Prepare time: 10-15 min
Cook: 15-20 min
Ready in: 30-35 min


Cinnamon Powder
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For dough

  • 2 potatoes, boiled and grated
  • 2 cups whole wheat
  • ¼ tsp carom seeds
  • 1 tsp degi red chilli powder
  • 2 tsp oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Water as required
  • Oil for frying

For Seasoning

  • 1 tsp degi red chilli powder
  • 1 tsp dry mango powder
  • Salt to taste

For dip tadka

  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 2 cups hung curd
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • ¼ tsp fenugreek seeds
  • 2-3 dry Kashmiri chilli
  • 1-inch ginger
  • 10-15 curry leaves
  • 1 tsp chana dal
  • 2-4 black olives
  • 1 tsp gota urad


Indian Style Mexican Nachos
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For dough

  1. In a mixing bowl, add grated boiled potato, whole wheat flour, salt, carom seeds, degi red chilli powder and mix well.
  2. Add oil and water to it, knead the tight dough, cover it with a wet cloth and keep aside for 10 minutes.
  3. Take a medium portion of dough, roll it thin using a rolling pin.
  4. Transfer it to the griddle and half cook it from both sides.
  5. Now roll it again on the rolling board so that it cannot raise during frying and cook it again.
  6. Cut it into stripes and then in a triangle shape.
  7. Take a pan and heat oil for deep frying.
  8. Add these triangles in medium hot oil until golden brown and crispy.
  9. Remove on tissue paper and then transfer it to a big bowl.
  10. Add salt, dry mango powder and degi red chilli powder to it and toss it well.
  11. Keep aside for future use.

For dip

  1. Add hung curd in a bowl and whisk it properly.
  2. In a tempering pan, add oil and heat it.
  3. Add mustard seeds, chana dal, fenugreek seeds, gota urad and let it splutter.
  4. Then add dry Kashmiri chilli and curry leaves and mix well.
  5. Pour the tempering over the hung curd.
  6. Then add salt and black olives to it and mix well.
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Serve nachos with this tadka dip. Enjoy these nachos with desi tadka dip. The blend of Indian and Mexican flavour will satisfy your tastebuds.